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Group Dog Walks

Contact us to book a Group Walk! 0414 276 242

Our GROUP DOG WALKS take place in dog friendly parks, beaches and reserves in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. At Doggy Social we walk in all weather conditions and do three group walks per day:

  • Morning
  • Mid-morning
  • Lunch-time

Our walks are a full hour of fun in the park, with picking up and dropping home the dogs either side of this. We walk a maximum of four dogs per walk to ensure they get the most from their adventure and they get the focused, individual attention they deserve.

We are fully insured and police checked.

How it works:

  1. Prior to your dogs’ first walk I will arrange a suitable time for us both where we’ll come and meet you and your fur baby in your home so you can show us their usual routine. Here we will pick up a set of keys if we are to collect them from inside. (All of our client keys are kept in a safe location and no addresses or names are listed on the keys).
  2. On the day/s of their walk, your pooch will be safely chauffeured in our pooch mobile to a dog friendly park or beach for a full hour of fun with other friendly, like-minded dogs!
  3. After their hour of fun we will then drive them home where they can sleep soundly all afternoon while dreaming of all the fun and excitement they’ve just had with their puppy pals!
  4. We send you an update of how they went along with some fun photos of their Doggy Social adventure.
  • We ensure all dogs are fully supervised and matched with dogs of a similar temperament.
  • Our dog group numbers are kept small to ensure their safety along with ensuring each dog gets the special attention they deserve. This also ensures there is lots of space for them in the pooch mobile for them to stretch out in comfort to and from the park.
  • Complimentary basic obedience and positive reinforcement training is also provided on our Group Walks.

For enquiries please contact us on 0414 276 242.

We offer an obligation free meet and greet prior to your dogs first walk.